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When you work in management or development for a tech firm, you learn everything there is to know about your company’s technology, from the ground up. You should feel proud of your company’s accomplishments as much as you do. However, it could be wasted on advertising. A writer who has worked in both marketing and technology will have a better grasp of your product’s inner workings while still being able to relate to end users. Hiring a freelance writer ensures that your message will be conveyed with precision, clarity, and conviction.

The Value of Cooperation between Technical Marketers and…

What Incredible, Cutting-Edge Technology

Hiring a freelance writer allows you to communicate with customers using language they can relate to.

Here are examples of talks I’ve had frequently with the creators of technological goods and services: “Well, that’s a fantastic development,” I exclaim, “but how will my customers profit from it? What are the chances that the buyer will notice it’s there?”

There is just one correct response: “Neither the customer nor anybody else can see it, thus it’s not a problem. Isn’t that neat though?”

Customers want to know, “What’s in it for me?” before they care about whether or not something is “cool” or “featured.” People are more interested in the tangible benefits of a product or service that can actually help them. A technical expertise aids a freelance marketing writer in distinguishing between features and benefits.

Writing about one’s own firm and accomplishments is challenging in any field; one must constantly question whether or not they have said too much, too little, are being neutral or obnoxious, are explaining things too simply or too complex, or have missed a selling point. Companies in the IT and science industries often use freelance writers to help them connect with and appeal to their target audiences.

…Advanced-level learners and professionals

Customers for technological goods and services frequently have terminal degrees or decades of expertise in their respective fields. Nevertheless, they haven’t tried anything like your offering before. Customers, no matter how knowledgeable they may be in other areas, are complete amateurs when it comes to your specialty. As with customers elsewhere, they simply don’t have the time to wade through what they perceive to be superfluous or overly difficult material. Having a technical writer that also has a solid marketing background allows you to communicate with customers in a way that is both clear and accurate, so that they can grasp it quickly.

Tools for Writers

I was once approached by an engineer who was trying to find a single term that encompassed “economical,” “efficient,” and “creative.” (There is no such thing.) Another engineer spent hours slogging away at his computer before coming to me and asking, “How do I write that?” after providing a 5-minute, crystal-clear, and extremely thrilling account of a recent technological advancement. (I took notes and suggested he use exactly the wording he used.) Technical and marketing writing are fields in which engineers can excel if they so choose. They can’t focus on their core competencies and the firm as a whole when writing.

The act of writing itself is time-consuming. Having marketing materials lie on someone’s desk awaiting creation, evaluation, and approval is counterproductive. It is a wise use of resources to hire a qualified freelance or contract writer.

What to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Writer

Can you tell me what kinds of qualifications a technical writer ought to have? If you stick to these three guidelines, you’ll be able to engage the most qualified writer for your tech or pharma company:

Check out the author’s previous work. It’s not always the case that a marketer will have experience writing technical documents, and vice versa. You need someone who has worked with scientific and technological companies before to write and edit their websites, newsletters, blogs, articles, success stories, and white papers. The CV should demonstrate the writer’s knowledge of marketing and technology, even if the target companies aren’t in your industry.
Take a look at some of the writer’s previous work. It’s safe to assume that you’ll enjoy what the writer makes for you if you’ve enjoyed the writer’s previous work.
Find out more by contacting references. You need to be confident that the writer you choose can adjust to changing deadlines and project parameters while still being dependable and attentive to your needs.
Verify that the author follows a methodical approach. How many review cycles are appropriate, and how receptive is the writer to feedback and edits? What kind of computer software does the writer use?



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