7 Tips to Choose the Best Freelance Writer on the Internet

You should hire someone who is skilled and knowledgeable to write promotional articles that link to your company’s website. One might expect multiple bids when posting a project on a freelance website. This, however, only serves to complicate matters further. In a situation when multiple freelance writers have expressed interest in working with you, how do you pick the best one? Here are some points that can aid you.

Check Out How They’re Rated

As a standard feature, most freelancing platforms let both clients and contractors leave feedback on one another. Because of this, every single freelance writer who has ever placed a bid on your website (with the possible exception of brand newbies) will have at least one review. It is feasible to locate freelance writers with a perfect or near-perfect rating. Due to their track record of excellent performance, hiring such individuals should ease your mind if you are nervous.

Consider the Many Tasks They Managed to Finish.

Exactly how many projects do they have under their belts? You can see how many projects a website like Freelancer.com has finished on their homepage. Someone with a perfect record of finishing all of their projects is ideal. If you can locate persons with a 90% success rate or higher, that should be good enough.

Check out what other customers have said about the service.

Each client can rate and comment on their providers’ performance on the freelance platform. Learn more about the reputation of your potential bidders by reading their reviews. Choose a service provider who comes highly recommended. Keep in mind one other thing: if a freelance writer has finished a huge number of assignments, the quality of the reviews for all but one or two of them can be disregarded. Everyone is vulnerable to unforeseen circumstances.

Evaluate Their Prior Work

If you have any doubts about the writers’ experience, you can always ask them straight out if they have ever completed work similar to what you need. If they have, that’s great news for your project because it means they know what they’re doing. Ask for samples frequently, and examine them carefully before making a final decision.

Check See How They’ve Worded Their Offer

You are in the presence of writers. To some extent, their abilities can be gauged from the language they employ in their bid. You should probably pass on a bid if you see grammatical errors, typos, or abbreviations in it.

Check the Offer Price.

In other words, how much are they bidding for? You need to keep the project within your financial means, thus the money is crucial. Determine if an escrow is desired and, if so, how it should be handled.

Observe the Time Period

Often, bidders will include an estimate of how long it will take them to finish the work. Test it out and see if it works for you. If they leave you wondering about the timeline and you’re truly into them, feel free to ask them in private to clarify.



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