Why Freelancers Should “Gig” Micro Job Sites Other Than Fiverr

Simply put, microjob sites are “fast freelance job sites” where freelancers (sellers) offer many different services, and buyers come to shop and buy those services – simple as that.

The first and most famous micro-recruitment site was Fiverr, launched in 2010. On this site, you offer gigs (services) for $5, and buyers buy them for just $5. You do the work and get paid $4 when you’re done. The idea was so successful that it was featured in prominent magazines, news programs and websites.

Bad news: There are now tens of thousands of sellers competing on Fiverr and getting noticed is next to impossible. Even if you try to stand out by being different, you may be too obscure to be discovered by buyers. A painful, almost impossible balancing act.

The good news: Because of the ingenuity of that simple idea, hundreds of microjob sites have since sprung up, improving Fiverr’s original idea by offering more variety and choice, giving freelancers better opportunities to make money.

Here are a few reasons why you should use a microjob site other than Fiverr:

More flexible performance pricing

The stores in LA are called $1 stores, $5 stores, $10 stores or even $5/$10/$20 stores with totes and you choose the price. They are fast and easy. It is not necessary to look at every price of a product. The same concept also applies to micro job sites. You can do the same with your gigs – choose your site or site/bin for the price you want, add your gig and you’re done. Buyers arrive at a price they’re willing to pay, and… an instant hit.

Better Seller Terms

When you sell your gig on Fiverr, after the order has been delivered, you have to wait 14 days (called the clearance period) to receive your $4. A dollar goes to Fiverr – that’s 20% off!

Other microjob sites offer alternatives to Fiverr’s $1 flat seller fees, which are based on a percentage of sales and are less than 20%. Some even say that if you sign up with them and click a button to add a Facebook, Twitter, or blog link, you pay nothing as long as the link works. Others offer much shorter customs clearance times and there are even some sites that offer instant payments.

So check out the many different types of merchant terms and choose one or more that work for you – similar to a cell phone subscription. As these sites become more creative, there will be further development.

Sellers are more likely to succeed

Your chances of getting noticed increase if you offer gigs on many micro job sites. Even if your service is offered for a lower price elsewhere, buyers may not find it lower and end up with a one-stop shop; there are so many gig sites that it is impossible for a buyer to buy them all.

But the great thing is that you only need to visit each site once, post the gig, and you’re done; the point of these sites is to be fast — without the tedious registration shenanigans you see on the big job boards.

So don’t just stop at Fiverr. Start making money with many other micro job sites!




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