Can You Imagine Doing Freelance Voice-Over Work at Fiverr?

We often explore this idea in our imagination before choosing a new life path. Let’s imagine a voiceover works. Everyone has a voice. Most want to be heard. Most people are also afraid of being seen. Voice over work can appeal to many people when they think about it.

Making money with your voice – and getting a little attention – are you interested? It usually sounds like fun, like something we loved to do as kids. (Sometimes it works too.)

After retiring from private psychotherapy practice, I started voiceover work at I want to improve the audio when recording video lessons at home. Instead of spending $15,000 to develop my voiceover skills, I decided to freelance, learn voiceover work, earn $7,000 and embark on a great adventure.

I became the voice of journalists and presidents, generals and soldiers, aliens and video games of all kinds! Now I’m making my own video lessons with what I’ve learned by giving voice to other people’s posts.

Recording is an easy free skill to pick up because our voice is a “wind instrument” – unlike an oboe – that we practice every day. You can start with the mics and skills you have lying around at home, and learn like crazy at work. It’s easier to learn while you work; concepts are more directly relevant in this learning moment.

Fiverr freelancers and millions of freelancers make money as they learn (no matter what skill they’re trying to perfect). Dubbing can be as simple as reading an announcement, or as limitless as the world of dubbing. For those who are half acting and half shy, dubbing allows the introvert to act while hiding.

Einstein used his famous “gedankenexperiments” or “thought experiments” to explore bold new ideas, and since I like to omit his name, let’s use a thought experiment to imagine how you might do speech work for the first time. We’re just thinking out loud here. This is just a pre-test, don’t change your mindset. We are just ‘preparing’ for voice work.

Can you imagine using your voice as a tool? Have you ever enjoyed reading stories to others? Have you ever been enchanted by a microphone’s ability to amplify and transform your voice, and how did you experience it yourself? Even though you usually avoid attention, is there a part of you that at least longs to be heard and maybe even shown?

How about coming up with “audio performances” and/or renting out your voice to “announce”.

1. Listen with renewed attention to the TV voiceovers and the radio (all voiceovers, all the time). Can you imagine doing any of this? Occasionally repeat a line or two. how do you feel?

2. Discover announcers who sound like you and study how they “use their instruments”.

3. Imagine becoming the voice of another character. Which characters appeal to you?

4. Try reading aloud a passage, poem, or story to bring one or more characters to life. Does this bring you back to life? Observe your enthusiasm.

5. Record yourself ‘announcing’ various messages, dare to listen and listen repeatedly.

6. Find your natural voice. The radio style has evolved from pompous pomposity to a more “real” sound. Unusual or seemingly imperfect sounds sometimes take advantage of their uniqueness.

7. Discover your unnatural voice! Play voice acting from different characters. Record, listen and pay attention to what catches your eye. Keep checking for signs of arousal. Return from your imagination when you are ready.

If voice-over still or increasingly appeals to you, it might be worth looking into it. There are many freelance places online. You can explore Fiverr or search by “freelancer” and “voiceover” to explore further. The freelance skills you develop on Fiverr can later be used to compete for better paying online voice jobs, among other things.

If this imaginary “test drive” appeals to you, pay attention to the sound of the speaking, because we all have an inner voiceover commentary! Another important finding worth seeing. Everything starts with imagination. You can choose to leave your voiceover work there for now, or suggest your future audio adventures.




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